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Bandung, Not Just Got FO and Culinary

Bandung, Not Just Got FO and Culinary

Regency is an area famous for its variety of attractions, like shopping at factory outlet (FOR) and food in the province of West Java, also has a lot of tourism potential remains untapped, especially the tour of the earth.

‘Bandung Regency has a tourism potential that offers natural beauty with a variety of history in it, “said T Bachtiar and Budi Barahmantyo, author of the Earth Tour, which was launched in the Bandung Basin opening of the Anniversary Conference of Asia-Africa (KAA) to-54 in the House Merdeka, Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung, last weekend.

Bandung, Not Just Got and In the discussion of the book the authors introduce the tourism potential of the earth that is very close to the people in Bandung, Bandung regency which is about that in prehistoric times the basin and in its development, many artifacts and relics found evidence -evidence of geological relics of prehistoric times.

According to Bachtiar, he began to explore the nature of Bandung regency since leaving his hometown in Pameungpeuk, Garut, 1974. At that time he lost the scent village, like the smell of soil, rain, and fog.

Then he began to explore the nature and found a lot of natural wealth Bandung in it. He still remembers what it was like looking at nature with a drop of dew on the tip of the grass and the sun is biased by the dew.

In the 2000s Bachtiar who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Langlangbuana invited some teachers to see the beauty of Goa Pawon. It was there he found many prehistoric artifacts and met with Budi. Apparently Budi have the same hobby with Bakhtiar and was researching the rocks there in Goa Pawon.

He deliberately took the teacher because the teacher can recount to her students and each year will be changed so that each year more and more students who understand the beauty and history of the Bandung basin.

Budi Bahctiar and equally intense writing in the media about how important nature conservation in the Bandung Regency. Until finally their writings recorded by the Institute of Geology under the title Geowisata, History of the Earth Bandung in 2006 and reissued with revisions to the Earth Tour, Bandung Basin.

Bachtiar and Budi through his book invites all people to be able to rediscover Bandung Bandung with all the friendliness of the people and natural beauty. Recounted in the book how the notes travel and tour experiences in nature Bandung. “This can be done with a half-day trips possible Pawon Goa, besides Goa Pawon is the most attractive place,” said Budi who is also professor of geology at the ITB.

Budi invite the owners of travel agencies to develop the tourism potential of the earth. Budi, Bakhtiar and his colleagues are willing to help in terms of biological interpretation. There are still many other potential that can be extracted, for example cracks Banjaran and limestone hills in Padalarang.

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