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Bandungan is a mountainous tourist attraction located in District Bandungan, regency. These attractions can be reached by vehicle for 1 hour south of , or approximately 20 minutes from Ungaran, or about 15 minutes from Ambarawa through the mountain path. Bandungan has a cool, fresh air, so there are lots of hotels and motels. As for the famous tourist object Gedongsongo Temple. In Bandungan there are many interesting attractions such as the Sidomukti area, where there is a challenging arena outbound and beautiful scenery. Hollywood housing complex is also located in the area susan spa. ** The origin of the name of Couples Bandungan Narrated K. Sanggem who obtained wangsit to find wells on the slopes of Mt Ungaran, the wells where the water is flowing like a river so he can have a child. After the well was found and he had many children, then he gets wangsit again to close (= stem) wells in order not to cause havoc for the village below it, with consequences in the village there will be no water sources and wells are finally closed with a gong. The village is finally in the know with Bandungan (= dam). The tomb is behind the Kyai Sanggem Bandungan District Office.

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