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Cikuray Mountain

Cikuray Mountain is a mountain located in Garut regency, , . Cikurai Mountain has a height of 2818 meters above sea level and is the fourth highest mountain in West Java after the Mount Gede. The mountain is located in the border districts Bayongbong, Cikajang, and Dayeuh gig.

To achieve Cikuray can be reached by taking public transportation from Bandung to the terminal or from Tasikmalaya Guntur. From there continue with the public transportation to the climbing lane, (Cikajang, Bayongbong or Dayeuh gig). All three lines offer a very interesting field with the characteristics of each. Bayongbong Line is the most precipitous path, but can be quickly reached the top. If you are not a resident of West Java, climbing Cikurai have a package with Thunder Mountain and the volcano. Both offer interesting hiking terrain.

Because the location is highest in Garut district, the foot of the mountain Cikuray used for private TV stations and TVRI. Mount Cikurai have Hill dipterocarp forest, dipterocarp forest Upper Montane Forest and Forest Ericaceous.

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