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Cilacap regency was noted to have some tourist attraction that is often visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. From the cultural side, every year District held a ritual Alms Sea followed by thousands of local fishermen, and was attended by hundreds of thousands of people from various regions in . Sea charity is funded by the Regional Budget (APBD) Cilacap regency. In addition to Alms sea, art developed areas in this region is Calung Banyumasan and Ebeg (a kind of braid horse in Magelang District.)

As a tourist attraction that can be visited Cilacap District are:

* Forest Briny
* Turtle Bay Beach
* Fortress Pendhem
* Mount Srandil
* Beach Umbrella Widara

For fans of culinary tourism, Cilacap has a fairly well-known specialties, among them mendoan Cilacap tempeh, tofu cooking, lotek (a type of pecel), and of course know brontak and processed seafood. If you visit the gulf coast turtles, for example, you can sample seafood that is no less delicious with hidangn similar centers of culinary tourism in Indonesia. Fuel fish, crab, crab, shrimp and various types of seafood can be enjoyed at an affordable price, no need to spend deeply. While enjoying the sea breeze in the afternoon or a bright moon in the time of full moon, the seafood will taste more delicious, or if the sun still shines Nusaa Kambangan can be enjoyed up close.

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