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Dark Hill Nature Park

Area: 520 Hectares
The location: Sintang
Designation area: Year 1992

Dark Hill Nature Park is one of the two conservation areas with the status of the Forest Nature. Located in Sintang, ± 15 km from the City Sintang.


Attainment area can be easily done by using public transport (bus) or private vehicles.

Route to the area:
A Pontianak – Sintang 6
2 Bus
2 Sintang – Regions 1.5 Public Transportation


As Forest Travel, recreation and tourism being the object becomes an important role to bring visitors. Some of these interesting objects is the panorama of nature, which reveal a steep cliff as high as ± 600 meters interspersed with dense forest at the foot of the mountain and its peak, there are waterfalls and natural caves.

The most unique flora in this region is the presence of type Bag Red Semar (Nephentes sp) which is a plant endemic to this region.


In order to develop tourism facilities and procurement of the region, Sub Resource Conservation Center in collaboration with the Local Government Level II Sintang, build several facilities:

1. Permanent tourist route that can be easily used by visitors to reach the objects within the region.
2. A permanent building which has been prepared as a meeting hall and information center region.

In the development of this region will be pursued further the provision of infrastructure and supporting facilities such as recreational activities and tourism Interpretation Program Area, and the appeals board instructions guide the conservation area and will help connect objects and visitors.

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