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Depok Beach

Depok Beach is a beach that is still within the area of ​​Bantul, Yogyakarta Parangtritis or more precisely located on the west coast of Parangtritis And Parangkusumo Coast, with a distance of 3-4 km.

and specifically the area of ​​ became a fishing village. It is located approximately 30 kilometers south of Yogyakarta city center, or just east of River estuary Opak.

to reach the area of ​​Depok Beach Visitors can use the four Nor Roda Roda two, can also use the General Form of Bis vehicle, but usually only at Parangtritis, to get to the beach depok of Parangtritis Could use a lot of Andong encountered in Coastal Area Parangtritis with routes from the city of Yogyakarta, with a passing road keselatan Parangtritis,

before arriving at the entrance to the beach Parangtritis turn right, follow the road continues, passing through the township it will get to the sights that certainly there Depok.dan Beach retribution as well.

Here the visitor can also see the daily life of the life of the fishermen as well as buying fresh fish is still fresh directly from Fish Auction Place (TPI) and Depok Beach Fish Market which operates every day and can instantly cook, lots of food stalls that are ready helps the viewer to process the fish that you buy at the Fish Auction Place Beach Depok.Wisata Heaven on Earth

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