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Indonesia currency” is the currency of payment instrument that is used in economic transactions of a country. For Indonesia, the rupiah currency.

Once upon a time, primitive man has not used the money, or medium of exchange. This is because by the time that humans can satisfy all the desires of the surrounding lam. When the natural resources they use up, they move on and start using natural resources around them anymore. It was only when the emergence of ancient human civilizations began to trade possessions with other people’s property, called barter. Then, after a more advanced age, people start using the tool changers, though not in money. The tool is called the money stuff. It was only after humans mastered the use of writings and letters, dikenallah money or so-called money trust (money fiduciair).

Rupiah (Rp) is the official currency of Indonesia. This currency is printed and arranged for use by Bank Indonesia, the ISO code 4217 IDR. Informally, the is also called by the name of “silver”. A dollar is divided into 100 cents, even though inflation has made it no longer used except in the accounting records only at the bank.

Why Currencies Indonesia Rupiah Called

Ever kepikiran that Indonesia should Rupiah currency .. It must have been sometimes “implicit in the mind. Nahh .. This time let’s discuss a review of the origins of the rupiah currency in fact be the name of Indonesia.

The words “dollars” is derived from the word “rupee”, the currency of India. Indonesia has been using the currency of Dutch guilders in 1610 until 1817. After 1817, the currency was introduced Gulden Netherlands Indies.

Rupiah currency was first introduced officially at the time of Japanese occupation during World War 2, with the name of the Dutch East Indies rupiah. After the end of the war, the Bank of Java (Javaans Bank, next to Bank Indonesia) introduced the Java rupiah as a replacement.

NICA gulden currency created by the Allies and some currencies are printed collection of guerrilla also applies at the time.

Since 2 November 1949, four years after independence, Indonesia rupiah as the currency set a new nationality. Riau Islands and West Irian have their own variations of dollars but their use in 1964 was disbanded in 1974 in Riau and West Irian.

The Asian economic crisis of 1998 caused the rupiah fell as much as 35% and brought the downfall of the Soeharto government.

Rupiah is the currency that may be exchanged for free, but traded with the penalty due to high inflation levels.

Units under the rupiah

Rupiah has a unit underneath. In the early days of independence, the rupiah equivalent in value to the Netherlands Indies gulden, so that the units also used a smaller force in the colonial period.

Here are the units that had been used but no longer used due to the decline of the rupiah led a unit that is not of significant value.

* Cent, one hundredth of dollars (no coins broken one and five cents)

* Cepeng, hepeng, a quarter cents, from feng, used among the Chinese

mites, and a half cents

* Crippled, one-half cent

* Gobang or bump, two and a half cents

* Bite / sparkle / stuivers (Bld.), five cents (any fractional coins)

* Picis, ten cents (any fractional coins)

* Rope, a quarter rupiah (25 cents, no fractional coins of 25 and 50 cents)

There is also a unit of money, whose value is the third string.

Units above the rupiah There are two units in the rupiah is now not used anymore. ringgit, two and a half rupiah (fractional coins ever existed) Kupang, half ringgit.

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