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Indonesia Earthquake

Indonesia earthquake; Indonesia an earthquake-prone areas because of the path traversed by the third meeting of tectonic plates, which are: Indo-Australian Plate, the Eurasian plate and Pacific plate.

Indo-Australia plate moves relative to the north and infiltrate into the Eurasian plate, while the Pacific plate moves relative to the west.

Track plates meeting at sea so that in case of large earthquakes with shallow depths it will potentially generate a tsunami that Indonesia is also vulnerable to tsunamis.

Learning from the experience of earthquake occurrence and tsunami in Aceh, Pangandaran and other areas that have resulted in the lives of hundreds of thousands of lives and property losses are not small, it is necessary mitigation efforts at both government and society to reduce the risk of earthquake and tsunami disaster.

An interval between the occurrence of earthquake with the tsunami, so the lapse of time can be used to provide early warning to the public as one of the tsunami disaster mitigation efforts to build the Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System (Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System / Ina-TEWS).

SOURCE: Bureau of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics

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