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Indonesia Population

Indonesia Population; Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono yesterday (16/8) in his address announcing, Indonesia’s population has reached 237.6 million people, ranks fourth in the world after China, India and the United States.

Yudhoyono said the national population census results announced recently pointed out, the population of Indonesia grew 35.5 million compared to 2000. He also promised the government will seek to continue to increase purchasing power in order to encourage economic growth.

Half the population of Indonesia Escape Social Security State

Informal sector is not protected by. Over half the population of Indonesia is notsocial protected. Protection schemes are informal sector workers and their families who are not classified as poor.

Schemes that exist only to protect society polarized categories of the poor, such as the Community Health Insurance (Jamkesmas), and formal sector workers who are members of some social protection programs is provided by participation in which they work.

“There is no guarantee of income security for workers in the age group of the population working in the informal sector,” says program officer at the International Labour Organization (ILO), Tauvik Muhammad, in conversation with Beritasatu in Jakarta, today.

Based on the ILO study, which aimed Jamkesmas poor health or near poor, only covers 32 percent of the population. Private formal sector workers which amount 11 per cent of the population protected Social Security Workers (Social Security).

While about 7 percent of which consists of civil servants, military and police either active or retiree covered by Askes, Taspen and Asabri and protect.

Tauvik said between the two groups of poor and near poor as well as civil servants, police, military and private sector there is a group of Indonesian population who work in the informal sector.

They do get Social Security, but firmly Tauvik, this scheme has not been effective with a fluctuating number of program participants. The reason, they can join or quit at any time.

This program is targeting participants of the informal workers earning at least $ 1 million. Since its inception in 2006, participants with less than 500 thousand participants.

ILO Director for Indonesia and Timor Leste, Peter van Rooij, said social protection schemes in Indonesia, including the warranties are not integrated. The guarantee applies only to people who work, especially the formal sector. When it does not work, the program is unable to facilitate.

Income security guarantees he stated, should be used to provide those who do not have a job. How, by training and provision of information. The goal is to keep those who are not working to stay competitive in the job market and could be reinstated.

Social protection for the people of Indonesia stipulated in Law no. 40 of 2004 on National Social Security System (National Social Security Act) that mandates the scope of social protection, namely health, accident and old age for the entire population of Indonesia.

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