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Jakarta Indonesia; Bank Mandiri to allocate Rp 2.8 billion to support community empowerment program in the area through a program titled “Self Kotaku, Jakartaku Clean”. The program aims to encourage the creation of a cleaner environment and healthier.

The opening program was attended by Minister of State Enterprises Dahlan Iskan, Bank Mandiri president director Zulkifli Zaini, and environmental activist Dick Doan Field Bermis, Palm d’Ivoire, Jakarta, Monday (9/4).

Bank Mandiri president director Zulkifli Zaini said, Jakarta is the capital of the country of Indonesia mirror. The city was also the center of business and government to be a trendsetter and role model for other regions in Indonesia. Hence, it needs collective efforts from various parties, including all elements of society, to continue to update the Jakarta into a better direction.

“It’s important for us to ensure that Bank Mandiri’s presence in the midst of society can be truly felt. Departure of consciousness, we create a program that aims to empower people in Jakarta to be more loving and responsible physically and emotionally to their environment,” said Zulkifli Zaini.

The program is the empowerment of neighborhood race with a total prize of Rp 720 million, divided into five categories which are divided by geographical area, namely Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta, West Jakarta and North Jakarta. Assessment points divided over hygiene and waste management, greening of medicinal plants household, community service people, aesthetics, local policies, and branding.

Assessment points it basically aims to inspire a sense of social community, promote the spirit of mutual cooperation is now more difficult to find in the social life of the people of Jakarta. In addition, the program also seeks to increase public participation in managing and keeping the environment clean.

According to Zulkifli, Jakarta community empowerment program that is part of the Partnership and Environment Development Program (PKBL) Bank Mandiri. In 2011 Bank Mandiri PKBL program implementation is carried out through three main pillars, namely the establishment of an independent community through the implementation of the Joint Mandiri Mandiri program that aims to foster community groups / communities in an integrated way in terms of capacity, infrastructure, capabilities, and access.

Then, the attainment of independence and entrepreneurship education to implement programs Entrepreneurial Self and Self-Care Education which aims to create future leaders who are ready to global competition.

The last pillar is the provision of environmentally friendly facilities through the implementation of six major programs, namely the provision of support facilities for the provision of clean water, renewable energy, planting trees on marginal lands, mangrove planting and maintenance, procurement of city parks, and tourism development. (Agus)

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