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Jatijajar cave in java island

Cave is a tourist place of the natural cave situated in the village Jatijajar, Sub Daddy, . Caves are formed from limestone. The cave has a long Jatijajar from the entrance to the exit as long as 250 meters. Average width of 15 meters and an average height of 12 meters while the thickness of the ceiling on average 10 meters, and the level of 50 meters above sea level.
The cave was discovered by a farmer who owns the land above the cave is the anonymity of Jayamenawi “. At one point Jayamenawi’re taking the grass, then fell kesebuah hole, the hole turns out it was a ventilation hole in the ceiling cave. This hole has a diameter of 4 meters and height of land that are below 24 meters.

At first, the doors are still covered by soil Cave. So after covering the soil dismantled and discarded, the current ketemulah Cave door to enter. Because the front door of the Cave there are 2 large teak trees growing parallel, then the cave was named (Version to I). Rivers and myths

Inside the cave there Jatijajar 7 (seven), river or spring, but the data is achieved easily only 4 (four) of the river, namely:

1. Puser Earth River
2. River Jombor
3. Rose River
4. River kantil

For Earth Puser river and its water is said to have efficacy Jombor can be used for all sorts of purposes according to their respective beliefs. Meanwhile, Rose River water if it is said to bathe or wash your face, have a property can stay young. The Spring kantil if its water to wash or bathe, then the intention / his goals will be easily achieved.

At this time the newly built Rose Spring and Spring kantil, while Spring and Spring Puser Earth Jombor unspoiled and still no light and slippery.

In 1975 Cave Jatijajar was built and developed into a Tourist Object. As for who has the idea to develop or build Jatijajar Cave, Mr Rustam Suparjo when the Governor of Central . Who at that time who became Regent Kebumen is Mr Supeno Suryodiprojo.

To launch and implement development Jatijajar Cave Suparjo appointed directly by Mr. Rustam cv.AIS of Yogyakarta, as chairman of cv.AIS is Mr Saptoto, a famous artist in Indonesia deorama. Before the local government implement pembagunan Kebumen Jatijajar Cave, first Kebumen Government has indemnified the land affected residents object the construction site tour Cave Jatijajar Wide 5.5 hectares.

After Cave Jatijajar built then managed by local government managers Kebumen. Since Cave Jatijajar built, inside the Cave Jatijajar have added the art buildings include: installation of electric lights as lighting, trap-trap concrete to make it easier for tourists to get into the cave Jatijajar and the installation of the statues or deorama.

Inside the cave there are many Stalagmite Jatijajar and Limestone Pillar or Pillar, namely the meeting between the stalactite with Stalagmite. All of this is formed from the deposition of droplets of rain water that has reacted with limestone rocks ditembusnya. According to research by experts, for the formation of stalactite it takes a very long time. Within one year the formation of stalactite thickest thick only 1 (one) cm only. Therefore Jatijajar Cave is a cave that was very old Kapur.

Rocks in the cave Jatijajar is very old rocks. Due to very old age, then in front of Cave Jatijajar built a statue of the Ancient Dino Beast Saurus as a symbol of Object Jatijajar Cave Tour, from the mouth of the statue out of Spring water and spring kantil Rose, who all year has never been dry. While the water coming out of the statue Dino Saurus is used by people around the irrigation fields Jatijajar and surrounding villages.

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