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Karimun National Park

Karimun National Park is numbered 22 island archipelago located in the Sea, has a 111,625 ha area. National Park designated as a Marine Nature Reserve through SK Menhut No.123/Kpts-II/1986 later in 1999 through Decree Menhutbun No.78/Kpts-II/1999 Nature Reserve and its surrounding waters covering an area of 111,625 ha is converted into a national park National Park name. In 2001 some TN area designated as an area of 110,117.30 hectares of Nature Conservation Area Aquatic with No.74/Kpts-II/2001 Forestry Decree.

The problems are prominent in managing this area is the protection of marine aquatic ecosystems. This is because Publications region is one of three centers that rely on fishing in , and the fact that most of the population that numbered more than 8800 people are fishermen who rely on fisheries resources. Therefore, a mainstay of fisheries resources in the development of this region’s economy. Problems arise because the memanfaatankan fishery resources that tend to excessive (over fishing), mainly on small pelagic fish species, destructive fishing asaha coral reef ecosystems by the use apotas / cyanide or nets that destroy coral reefs

Currently the National Park Balai Karimun National Park is managed by the Publications with the main task of implementing ecosystem management of the National Parks Conservation Publications in the framework of Natural Resources and Ecosystems under applicable laws and regulations. In management there are many challenges to integrating conservation and economic development that require support from all parties.

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