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Komodo National Park

komodo national park island is one of 50 Indonesia’s . island is not a single island but it has ‘3 big islands‘,  ’26 small islands’ and ’11 mountains’. Three big islands are island, Rinca island and Padar island. The highest mountain in island is Satalibo Mountain (735 meters asl).

The Natural state of Komodo island is dry and arid, it makes Komodo island becoming unique. Komodo island has also wide savanna, limited of fount, warmer temperature. The mentioned condition is a habitat that Komodo likes. Komodo(Varanus komodoensis) is an ancient animal that still alive in this world.

Largely of Komodo National Park is savanna with papyrus (most dominant), another tree out there are rattan, bamboo, tamarind, billowing, lote and mangrove.

komodoExcept the Komodo unique wildlife, in we can meet deer, wild boar, ajag(Cuon alpinus javanicus), wild horse, buffalo, two type of turtle, ten type of dolphins, six type whale and mermaid.

The potential Sea life in this national park is noted as many as 259 types of coral and 1.000 types of fishes like barracuda fish, marlin, yellow tail fish, snapper fish, and many  more.

Komodo national park is Indonesia’s asset and has international support, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Many tourists from the world have come to this Komodo national park. They call this national park as “individual world”. They have seen Savanna land with high billowing tree and mountains as a background Komodo National Park. They have heard the twitter of many type of birds and heard also giant reptile. They have also swam and bathe in blue sea and under hot sunshine.

Interested Tour Object

Loh Liang; gateway of wildlife sightseeing with forest, white sand sea and culture.

Lasa Island, Red Beach, Loh Bo and Sebita; diving and snorkeling with dive shop facility and glass bottom boat.

Banu Nggulung; wildlife sightseeing.

Best time to come : March-June and October-December.


Jakarta –> Denpasar –> Mataram –> Bima -> Sape -> Komodo National Park
Jakarta -> Denpasar -> Labuan Bajo -> Komodo National Park.

Administrative : , , Indonesia

Temperature : 17–43 C

Rain : 800-1.000 mm/year

High : 0-735 asl

Geographic : S8 32 35.988 E119 29 21.984.

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