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Lombok Indonesia Package information .

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Many tourist areas can be visited on the island of Lombok: pottery crafts tour that has been well known in foreign countries, bamboo or rattan craft a unique, handmade weaving and carving handicrafts Lombok. No less tekenal is serperti white sandy beaches at Kuta beach, the beach Malimbu, Senggigi, Gili Nanggu, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili full of water with coral reefs are still intact to be used as diving or snorkeling area and surfing sports. Crazy Spring is a natural waterfall attraction that many visitors, in addition to the waterfalls and Yarns Yarn Stokel Nets. For the treatment of many tourist objeck visit is Mount Rinjani and the brain which is still crowing in the community sakralkan Lombok.

Honeymoon package in Lombok

Honeymoon package

Visit the craft of weaving typical of the island of Lombok

Weaving handicrafts Lombok

Marine tourism to the island of Gili

marine tourism

Climb to the Mount Rinjani is one of the many hiking destinations in the interest of domestic or foreign tourists, especially the adventurous climb to the Mount Rinjani is the dream of dreams, as well as to conquer this mountain climbers also have a lot of goals for treatment by bathing in the lake Segara Anak or hot water around the lake is in believing it can cure various diseases. This also led to the local community to keep the surrounding environment, as evidenced by the ritual done once every year by Hindus in Lake Segara Anak in order to keep the relationship of man and nature in harmony, in addition to the rituals that are often done by local residents who are mostly Muslims and adherents of Time Telu.

Pearl Lombok, Lombok Tourism craft

Lombok pearl

Leisurely bike tour of the island of Lombok

Leisurely bicycle tour

Cultural tourism island of Lombok

Cultural tourism Lombok

Senggigi Beach is one of the famous beaches with white sand, this time betebaran hotels, resorts, villas and bungalows in the area of ??Senggigi. Of all the islands in the island of Lombok, the island that many tourists visit the three Gili islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air). Three Gili is very famous for its white sand, beautiful sea garden complete with its habitat. Accommodation varies from up island Gilipun budget to low budget. Gili islands can be achieved through the port of Ward, Telok Senggigi codecs and port or use a fast boat direct from the island of Bali.

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