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Monument General Offensive March 1, 1949

Monument General Offensive March 1, 1949 is a monument erected to commemorate an attack carried out by the Indonesian government against Belanda.Monumen is located in the north of Yogyakarta Palace, and was in the south Vredeburg and Malioboro, and is also located east of the Great House.


General March 1, 1949 attack is an attack that was held on March 1, 1949 against the city of Yogyakarta is a large-scale planned and prepared by the highest ranks of the military in the Division III / GM III by including several top leaders of local civil government based on the instructions of the Commander in Chief Sudirman.

to prove to the world that the military – means the Republic of – are still there and quite strong, and thus can strengthen ’s position in ongoing negotiations on the UN Security Council with the primary aim to break the morale of the troops Dutch

and prove to the international world that the Indonesian military (TNI) still has the power to conduct resistance. Soeharto at that time as a brigade commander in the X / Wehrkreis III participates as an executor in the field

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