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Rattan Furniture Indonesia

Rattan furniture ; Switching Pandan as Raw Material Crisis in Indonesia

GRESIK Indonesia, Closure of raw rattan exports in January 2012 did not necessarily excite the rattan industry in a number of areas, including in Gresik, East Java. Entrepreneurs in the industry now even the difficulty of obtaining raw materials. This situation is also relevant to the supply of cane to the warehouse seretnya raw materials in Cirebon, West Java.

Rattan Furniture Indonesia
Difficulties in obtaining raw materials of rattan, prompting some businesses in the village of Domas, District Menganti, Gresik regency, East Java, looking for a replacement material that pandan leaves.

Utomo, business owners from the wicker basket of fish in the village of Domas, Gresik, Monday (9/4), revealed that he had sent samples of products to Korea, a basket ikah from pandanus leaves. “The move is in anticipation when the rattan continued to disappear in the market,” said Utomo.

About the difficulty of raw materials, Taufik M Gani, rattan furniture business owner, said the price of rattan semipoles up from Rp 9500 to Rp 13,000 per kilogram. The rattan poles rose from Rp 12,000 to Rp 16,000 per kg. Price increases ranging from 30-40 percent. “My message is filled with 40 tons of only 10 tons,” he said.

Head of Industry and Trade in East Java, Budi Setiawan, said the suspension of export regulation adversely affects rattan cane industry.

Complained of the difficulty of obtaining raw materials of rattan furniture business in Solo, Central Java, to the Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Syarifuddin Hasan, Monday. Supriyadi, rattan in Trangsan, Sukoharjo, reveals, in 2007, it has 410 workers and exports 300 containers per month. Now, workers only 120 people living with the export volume is only 50-70 containers per month. “If there is no raw material how we could produce for export,” said Supriyadi.

Meanwhile, the supply of raw materials to industries rattan Cirebon, West Java, the more drag. Vacancies observed in the complex raw materials CV Jaya Sulawesi, one of the providers of raw rattan in Cirebon.

Rattan penyerut machine is not operated because there is no rattan bar. Sent from Sulawesi. Nyerut pe-workers were excluded. This condition is different from five months ago when the government has not shut down exports of raw materials.

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