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Rinjani montain

Rinjani montain National Park is a representative mountain rain forest ecosystem types, low to high mountains and savannah in East Nusa Tenggara.

Potential plant located in Mount Rinjani National Park among others jelutung (Laportea stimulant), dedurenan (Aglaia argentea), bayur (Pterospermum javanicum), Banyan (Ficus benjamina), cashew-jambuan (Syzygium sp.), Keruing (Dipterocarpus hasseltii), rerau (D. imbricatus), eidelweis (Anaphalis javanica), and 2 species of orchid that is endemic Perisstylus rintjaniensis and P. lombokensis.



In addition there is an endemic species of mammals are weasels rinjani (Paradoxurus hemaproditus rinjanicus), there are also deer (Muntiacus muntjak nainggolani), ebony leaf monkey (Trachypithecus auratus kohlbruggei), pangolin (Manis javanica), horn cikukua bird (Philemon buceroides neglectus), forest Dawah ( Ducula lacernulata sasakensis), black nape kepudang (Oriolus chinensis broderipii), and several species of reptiles.

In the valley west of Mount Rinjani there Segara Anak Lake (2008 m asl) where the water smelled of sulfur, the temperature differs from one place to another. Area of the lake is about 1,100 hectares, a depth of between 160-230 meters. In the middle of this lake appears a new volcanic mountain that is still active and growing.
Mount Rinjani is Indonesia’s third highest mountain (3720 m asl), storing the various mysteries of one of them is about the existence of Goddess Enjeni. According to the local community trust, the Goddess is the Queen genie Enjeni ruler of Mount Rinjani. They believe that the goddess was born from the marriage of human Enjeni Sasak with jinn, flawless in and still lineage of King Selaparang. In honor of Goddess Enjeni, people often hold religious ceremonies on Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake, by releasing small fish made of thin gold to Lake Segara Anak.
Lake Segara Anak and Child Mount Rinjani

Some locations / attractions to be visited:
The peak of Mount Rinjani. Hiking, camping and scenery of Lombok Island.
Lake Segara Anak, Sebau and New Mount. Research, enjoy the natural phenomenon / phenomena of nature, hot springs, bath, animal observation and explore the forest. In Maulud, in Lake Segara Anak is often used as cultural attractions Pakelem (bathing the keris).
Otakkokoq and Yellow Flower. Hot water bath that smells of sulfur for the treatment (a skin) and waterfalls.
Cultural attractions outside the Park include; War Topat Ciwaratri in December and in January in Mataram.

The best visiting season: August to December each year.

How to reach the location:
Mataram – Selong – Sambelia – Sembalun Lawang (140 km) of approximately 4.5 hours by car. When you walk to the lake takes time for 9 hours (25 km). Mataram – Bayan – Senaru (82 km) approximately 2.5 hours, walk to the lake for 9 hours (25 km). Mataram – Bayan – Torean (85 km) approximately 2.5 hours, walk to the lake for 7.5 hours. Mataram – Masbagik – Kutaraja – Tetebatu (60 km) approximately 1.5 hours, walking distance to Otakkokoq for 30 minutes.

Designated: Minister of Forestry, SK No.448/Kpts-II/90 area 40,000 hectares
Designated: Minister of Forestry, SK No.280/Kpts-II/1997
Area: 41,330 hectares
Location: Kab. West Lombok, East Lombok and East Lombok, Prop.
Average rainfall: 2,000 mm / year
Elevation: 550-3726 meters above sea level
Geographical Location: 8 ° 18 ‘- 8 ° 33′ S, 116 ° 18 ‘- 116 ° 32′ east longitude

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