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Seminyak Beach – One of The Most Favourite Beach in Bali

seminyak lagoon

seminyak bali

seminyak beach

is one of the favourite tourism destination in Indonesia, thousands of tourist from all the world go to every years. is famous with its beautiful . One of the most favourite in Bali is , it’s local name is “Dhanapura ”. The is located at Seminyak Village, Kuta Sub-district, Badung Regency, Bali. As same as another in Bali, this has soft white sand and sloping .
Seminyak beach is near with Kuta beach (another most famous Beach in Bali), so the atmosphere is like Kuta Beach, but not too crowd as Kuta Beach, a solution for you who prefer a quiet location.
It used to be most local people who live in near this beach were agriculture farmer, although this is a beach, but now most of them are working in tourist business.
In this beach you can swim on the beach, bask below the hot sun while enjoying the beautiful blue sea and white sand.

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