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An idol with the concept of Green Island Tourism


SUMATRA INDONESIA. Green tourism will be applied in the development of the island of idols. The more limited concept of tourism is a private, exclusive travel is costly.


“This exclusive week later it is expensive, so bring in more revenue than the usual tourist. Small, exclusive and expensive


The concept of fit, given the vast island that does not amount to much. But the natural beauty of the exotic island of Idolatry and natural course will be the main attraction of data


The idol of the island is an island in Jambi, Indonesia. This island is the outer islands of Indonesia in the Straits of Malacca, the island is rich in forest root bahar this store different types of coral reefs (Intertidal Coral Reef and Middle Reef) within a radius of 200 M from the beach which is not less than 22 species of coral and fish species can be seen of 11 species, when you dive there. Width is 2.5 km ². Idol has a mountainous topography with lush forests and white beaches. At the beginning and end of the year, the coast Idols Island a haven for nesting sea turtles. The island is rich in forest root bahar this store different types of coral reefs (Intertidal Coral Reef and Middle Reef) within a radius of 200 M from the beach which is not less than 22 species of coral and fish species can be seen from 11 species, when you dive there.

The idol of the island’s name is taken from the name of the first king of Jambi Datuk Paduko idol whose tomb contained on the island.


The idol of the island is quite unique in view of his name alone suggests its own. 2.5 Hectare island wide ranges. The condition is very natural and yet the island has a population. Currently the island guarded by the Indonesian Army Navy

Already, there are facilities such as resort, fishing, marine and vehicle for games Hotels for the tourists who visit there


In addition to Berhala Island in North Sumatra, there are again four islands of the same name. One in Indonesia, while the other three in Malaysia. The second island in Indonesia is located in the Strait of Idols, near the Riau Islands. Around him, there are three small islands with an area of ??approximately 0.25 to 0.5 hectares. The island is contested province of Jambi and Riau.


Three other islands belong to Malaysia respectively located near Sandakan, north of Borneo, near Johor, and in Silver (named Rock Idols).


. Tourist attractions to visit in SUMATERA



a. Sea freshwater lake

b. Lampuuk beach

c. Gunung Leuser National Park

d. Mosque Baiturrahman

e. Fort Indra Patra

f. Kerkhof peucut (Dutch soldiers graves)


North Sumatra


a. Medan Maimun palace (entrance fee of Rp 15,000 / person – open 08.00 – 17.00)

b. Medan Grand Mosque

c. Kesawan (souvenir pocket where the typical souvenirs of North Sumatra) Medan

d. Old City Hall Medan

e. Water tower Medan (Medan city icon)

f. Hanging Titi Medan (A bridge over the railroad tracks)

g. Building London Sumatra (Medan)

h. Field Post Office

i. Grace Field Museum

j. Zoo field

k. Helvetia plantation (tobacco)


SUB Sibolangit

a. Greenhill City

b. River Sembahe

c. Two-color waterfall



a. Gundaling (a type of tourist places in the hills. From this place can be seen Mount Sibayak and Sinabung)

b. Mount Sibayak

c. Sinabung



a. Parks Simalem Resort

b. waterfalls of the piso-piso

c. Village Tongging



a. Lake Toba

b. Samosir Island



a. Lake Kerinci

b. Kerinci Seblat National Park

c. Museum of Edinburgh

d. Mount Kerinci



a. Natural Mayang (family holiday)

b. SKA malls (shopping centers, there is also a hypermart)

c. Lake Limbungan

d. Bandar Serai

e. Market Bottom

f. Stanum Recreational Park

g. Spur line (traditional rowing regatta race from Riau a length of about 25-40 m with a crew of 40-60 people)

h. Waterfalls thunder Gemurai


Riau Islands


a. Island Penyengat

b. Weary beach

c. Bintan Island

d. Mount Ranai

e. River Sebong

f. Trikora beach

g. Gunung Bintan

h. Waterfall generations


Pacific Islands

a. Parai coast mackerel

b. Matras Beach

c. Cape Coast Enchantment

d. Rebo beach

e. Leafy Stone beach

f. Sand beaches rice

g. Kerasak Cape Coast

h. Mount beach Namak

i. Uber Gulf Coast

j. Mount Maras

k. Tanjung Kelayang

l. Tanjung Binga

m. High point

n. Galangal Island

o. Punai beach

p. Cape Coast buried

q. Beach rock


West Sumatra

a. Gorges Sianok

b. Anai Valley

c. Valley Harau

d. Morning Dew (near Lake Maninjau)

e. Lake Singkarak

f. Lake Maninjau

g. Lake Diateh and Under

h. Hail shaft (baths)

i. Puncak Lawang

j. Panorama Tabek Broken (located in the volcanic belt between the town and Batusangkar Bukittinggi, Indonesia)

k. Istano tongue or istano Pagaruyung (the most famous cultural tourism)

l. The root bridge

m. Shadow of Sani

n. Sweet water beach

o. Botanical Garden of Bung Hatta


South Sumatra

a. Lake Ranau

b. Gunung Dempo

c. Musi river and the Ampera Bridge

d. Ulak Lia Lake

e. Lake Segayam



Sumatra Tourism



Tourism objects that are very popular in Sumatra is Lake Toba

Lake Toba is one of the largest lake in the world, and the largest and most popular in Indonesia. The lake is like an ocean which covers approximately 3000 km2. In the middle of the lake, there is a large island, the island of Samosir located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.

The beauty of Lake Toba was amazing. The lake is surrounded by hills, so the atmosphere around the lake is comfortable, the air fresh and cool. Enjoy its beauty with a swim or rent a motor boat, circling around the lake. In the evening, can enjoy a quieter atmosphere yag light overlooking a beautiful sunset.


In the middle of Lake Toba, which is on the island of Samosir are popular natural attractions, the lake on the lake (Lake and Lake Aek Sidihoni Natonang); historical attractions in the tomb complex in the village of King Sidabutar Tomok; and tours of the complex architecture of traditional Batak house Toba Samosir. In Parapat, visitors who wish to visit the island of Samosir be riding freight ferries depart every hour to the village of Tomok, Samosir.

Based on research from Michigan Technological University researchers, the United States, at the site of Lake Toba, in the period 75 500 years ago, had been an almighty explosion that destroyed humans, animals and plants. The eruption was spewing rocks and ash as far as 2.000km3. Direction causing the eruption of vomit darkness for up to two weeks. The impact of the eruption was the formation of a massive volcanic crater, a crater was eventually filled with water which eventually formed a large lake, the Lake Toba. About the existence of Samosir Island, was formed due to magma pressure continuously that has not come out of the bowels of the earth.


This large lake has magical and cosmological values, because it is believed as the indwelling Namborru (seven ancestral goddess of Batak Tribe). When people want to hold the event Batak tribe peoples around the lake, they must first ask permission to Namborru. As in the celebration of the Feast of the People of Lake Toba is held annually, some ritual performed first as a form of respect for ancestors.

Location of Lake Toba is located in several districts, including District. Simalungun, Kab. Naidoo, Kab. North Tapanuli, Kab. Humbang Hasundutan, Kab. Karo, and Kab. Dairi, North Sumatra, Indonesia.Untuk reach tourist sites, visitors can go through the route-Parapat Medan or Medan route-Berastagi within approximately 176 miles and takes approximately four hours with two-wheelers / four.

Not hard to find lodging in the vicinity, either lodging or any class of star jasmine. Restaurants, cafes and food stalls there are also nearby.

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