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Teluk Penyu

Teluk Penyu is not far from Baturaden, in Cilacap Central Java. To achieve this place you just need go to Semarang -> Cilacap -> Teluk Penyu.

This place is called as “Teluk Panyu” because there are many turtles in the beach. Turtle in Indonesia’s language is Penyu.

Turtle are enjoying this beach because this beach is not too hot. Turtle is also enjoyable in this beach because there are not predator in this beach.

A very beautiful view in this beach is built in 18 ha3 of land. NOt far from Teluk Penyu Beach you can see a castle. he castle is named Benteng Pendem. This castle is a Dutch’s heritage.

From Teluk Penyu you can also go to Nusakambangan Island by boat.

Another story is certainly can be found by you after you come.


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