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Indian Ocean earthquake with a strength of 6.8 on the Richter scale on Sunday (26/12) morning, including the earthquake that occurred in Aceh and North Sumatra, triggering tsunami waves in several Asian countries.

Tsunami wave is expected deadliest loss of life. At least the victims died in Aceh and North Sumatra, as well as some other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand have reached thousands of people.

Tsunami in Indonesia
Victims of the earthquake and alone, until the news was revealed, it is still unclear. However, until around 17:30 pm, the National Coordinating Agency noted, there are about 148 died. While the number of wounded and missing is not known.

Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia does not only happen this time. Previously, similar events have occurred many times and casualties are not small. Tsunami waves that caused the most casualties were reported during the volcanic eruption of Krakatoa event in 1883. At that time an estimated 36 thousand people died from the eruption of the buildings resulted in waves as high as 12 levels. Waves from the eruption of a mountain located in the Sunda Strait that reached about 120 kilometers from the center of the eruption.

After the eruption of Krakatau, since at least during the period 1900-1996, there were at least 17 major tsunami in Indonesia. Fifteen of them occurred in the Region
Eastern Indonesia, which is known as an active and complex seismotectonic regions. The tsunami was caused by seismic activity is found in zones of active seismmotektonik such as subduction zones, zone openings, and fault zones are scattered in almost all islands in Indonesia.

Huge tsunami waves that also claimed that not a little place on August 19, 1977 in Sumba. In this event about 189 lives lost. Then, a similar event occurred in 12 Disember 1992 in Flores. This huge wave of 2100 resulted in lives lost. Yan sea water spill incident hit the region of East Java Banyuwangi on June 3, 1994 killed up to 208 people were killed.

Five tsunami disaster (Banda, 1938, 1967 Sigli, Bandanaira 1975, 1977 Sumba, and Banyuwangi 1994) was due to the activity of Sunda-Banda subduction zone which extends from the Andaman Islands lie to the Banda Sea.

Activity of reverse fault zone that extends from northern Bali is located to the tsunami in Alor generate three Ende 1908, Larantuka 1982, and Flores 1992. Tsunamis that occurred in Tinambung 1967, 1968 Central Sulawesi, Majene 1969, and 1984 due to the activity zone Mamuju
openings are located in the Makassar Strait.

Activity Palu-Koro fault zone and fault shoves through Palu, Buru Island north to the south of has resulted in four tsunami disaster that occurred in the Gulf of Tomini, 1938, 1965 Sana Maluku, Maluku Sanana, 1975 and 1996 Toli-Toli.

While the tsunami that occurred recently in Biak, thought to result from fault activity
Sorong or plate subduction Carolina.

Tsunami disaster that occurred in Indonesia caused by earthquakes and strong shallow that occurred on the sea floor. The earthquakes have depths varying between 13 to 95 km, magnitude 5.9 to 7.5 magnitude, the earthquake intensity VII to IX in MMI scale (Mo-dified Mercalli Intensity), and type of earthquake pensesaran the dominant reverse fault.

The maximum tsunami wave heights that reached the coast ranged from four to 24 meters, with a tsunami magnitude ranging between 1.5 to 4.5 in a scale Imamura. Meanwhile, the tsunami waves to reach the mainland ranged from 50 to 200 meters from the shoreline.

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