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Unique Ceremony in Indonesia

1.Ritual Tiwah

Tiwah ritual is a procession of parents to send the spirit of ancestors who died in the life after death by cleansing the body and remove waste from the pit at a place called Sandunga.
Karen Tiwah ritual is unique attractions attracted many tourists in the world at that time only be made by the Dayak people Kalteng


The procession of buffalo keboan personalized ceremony conducted annually by the staff of Cane River Country. Ceremony earlier this custom is to apply when rain turunya drought, with rainfall means that farmers can grow plants immediately.
Prosesinya peak is plowing fields and planting rice seedlings in rice. Those who behave like buffalo to trance and prosecute anyone who tries to get rice seeds are planted. Rural citizens fighting for working rice seed cane, because trust can be used as wood maupununtuk push-profit

3.Adu Buffalo (Mapasilaga Tedong)

Adu starts with Buffalo Bule.
Oh party interrupted by a procession of Buffalo-style cuts, Asmat, Ma’tinggoro Tedong that the buffalo with a machete and cut with a single Thebes. The evening party more competitive and as the water buffalo is a buffalo pitted those who already have experience of fighting dozens of times.
Before complained, parade is the buffalo. It bule or albino buffalo, while others have black spots on its back called salepo and black on the back (Lontong Boke). The last type is the highest price may be on a Rp 100 million. There is also a buffalo that had dikebiri taste of the meat tastier deemed

4.Rambu solo

Is a traditional dance festival or a ritual of mourning / death. Customs that were inherited by the Toraja people in generations. For the remaining families will need to create a party in honor of the end was the last to leave.
After a series of events, the end of usung Tongkonan using (a special personalized home Toraja) to the tomb standing on the cliff in the cave. Tomb of the necropolis name is Londa.
The unique ritual was making signs for the puppets solo due to the ringing of the dead wood and placed tebing.Uniknya more … famous words, face the day and make stuffed like the same people who have died

5.Pasola Sumba

This is part of a series of traditional rituals performed by the Sumba. Each year in February or March a series of ceremonies performed within the blessings of the gods use to collect the year with good results. The culmination of a series of traditional ceremonies performed several days before the festival is called Pasola. Pasola Festival is a “maneuver” is performed by two groups of riders. Each group of over 100 teridiri bersenjakan young spears of wood with a diameter of about kira1, 5 cm from the left end blunt


Duderan is a ceremony to mark the month of fasting has come. Dugderan be accurate to 1 day before the fasting month. Dugda words, taken from the unit dugdug sound and the sound of artillery followed later assumed by Derr.

These activities include those of the market began before sepekan dugderan, carnival, followed by team merahputih, Drumband Clothing Team “diversity UNIQUE PKI”, artillery, and various potential ngendok religious art which is Semarang. Features of this event is a beast Ngendok pious custom size goatskin-headed dragon golden scales, visualization ngendok pious made from colored paper – the colors. The event starts at 8:00 until sunset on same day also held religious festivals and Jipin Blantenan


Just “ark” of the word, of Arabic, which means that parade, ceremony Tabuik is a traditional west coast of West Sumatra, which was held in the user down. The ceremony is called the day that is the Asura 10th day of Muharram, the Islamic calendar.

The day was determined, because at 6:00, the ceremony participants and equipment loans in government offices kota.Para square, was also present in the implementation of the most colossal event in West Sumatra.

A Tabuik adopted by the holder who has reached 40 people. Tabuik behind, the group wore the traditional percussion instrument purporting to provide multiple drums, also fill the queue. Once in a procession halted, and tens of people who play a special martial Kite started playing when he was accompanied tetabuhan.

At sunset, the procession ended. Second Tabuik brought to shore and further out to sea dilarung. This is done due to a belief that this Tabuik cast into the sea, to remove the curse. In addition, the time is also believed to Buraq hours to fly to the sky, with all arakannya


Ngaben burning or incineration of funeral rites Hindu people of Bali.
In Ngaben procession, when the fire started disulut, the fire slowly kobaran will grow and begin to burn the figure menyulut body. Over time the fire started to burn kobaran confidence jazadnya release all earthly ties from the dead. When land links were missed, more open the possibility of truth and purity in the divine nature conservation there.
A few days before the implementation Ngaben, the deceased’s family helped the community of “Baden and cattle” are very proud of is made of wood, paper, colors and other materials. “Baden and livestock” is a body then burnt

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