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Vredeburg Castle in Yogyakarta

Vredeburg in Yogyakarta was built in Dutch Colonial Periode, Vredeburg Castle was built in 1765, the purpose of this castle building was for survival and for protecting Gubenur Dutc East Indies Governor  in Governor Building, the building was called as “Gedung Agung” means “Great Building”.
Vredeburg Castle is one of Indonesia’s historical heritage, until now the building is still kept and maintained by local government. Castle’s Wall is still in solid condition. In front of the building we can see there are gutter surrounds the building. We also see a beautiful garden around the building.
Vredeburg Castle is also equipped with some cannons lead to south side means to Yogyakarta Palace. The cannons lead to Yogyakarta Palace for anticipate when Yogayarta Troops attack Castle.
Inside the castle has had restoration, there are Dioramas in one of south entrance, dioramas told story Indonesian Troop struggle for independence.
The castle is now now often become a place for art and cultural activities.
Vredeburg Castle is in Jalan Ahmad Yani or Malioboro.

How To Get There?

To go to Vredeburg Castle you need to prepare your trip to Yogyakarta /. When you arrived Yogyakarta we can arrange tripping to go Castle and any other tourist destination in Yogyakarta.

By Plane

From Jakarta Airport you can book ticket to Yogyakarta here. Flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta will need about 1 hour.

By Train

Another interested transportation from Jakarta to Yogyakarta is “by train”. About 5 hours you can arrive Yogyakarta, start trip from Jakarta. Names of Railway Station in Jakarta are “Stasiun Gambir” and “Stasiun Pasar Senen”. Names of Railway Station in Yogyakarta are “Stasiun Tugu” and “Stasiun Lempuyangan”. Book your ticket here!.


Map of Vredeburg Castle

Of course, you can find it on Google Maps. For a shorcut I give you the link below.

Lihat Museum Benteng Vredeburg di peta yang lebih besar

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