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Wahyu Lake

Rev. Located about 3 Kilometers from Sarangan, precisely in District Is a Revelation Magetan.Telaga which includes Natural manusia.Telaga not the work of the Rev It has about 15 hectares, the is not much different from the in near the sarangan revelation.

To reach the lake revelation is not too difficult in because road access is already very baik.wisatawan can use the four wheel drive vehicles or motorcycles.

in the lake revealed the tourists can relax while fishing or other activities associated with tours of Lake, Lake Revelation deliberately littered with various kinds of fish to be provided for those who love fishing, so this place is a place of fishing and are often used to scout camp.
on certain days there are revelations lake area entertainment and performing arts, in order to attract tourists who are present in the lake revelation.

Near Lake revelation tourists can find a natural in the eyes of Water Resources called Tamtu, according to the legend that the eyes Water Tamtu has kasiat to make people stay young.

In the surrounding lake, the population looks verdant farmland, promising fertility. If you’re passing this area make time to enjoy the lake for a while for this one.

Around the lake are excellent for Hiking revelation because the scenery around the lake is very beautiful, and people are very friendly and the climate is very sejuk.Wisata Heaven on Earth.

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