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Geographical position and to answer “where is Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelagic country a republic, located in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has about 17 000 islands with a land area of ??1.92257 million km2 and the broad waters of 3,257,483 km2 Based on its geographical position, Indonesia has the state boundaries: North – State of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, South China Sea. – South Australia state, the Indian Ocean. – Western Indian Ocean. East – State of Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, the Pacific Ocean.

Geographical position of Indonesia consists of astronomical and geographic location of the different understanding and views.

Effect of Conditions Astronomy Indonesia

Latitudes are parallel lines that cross the equator around the earth until the polar regions. The longitude is lined up straight lines connecting the north and south polar regions. The lines are the imaginary line that is used as a guide to indicate the position of a region on earth.

Location of astronomy is the location of a place based on the latitude and longitude. Based on the location of astronomical, Indonesia was among LU 6o – 11o latitude and between 95o-141o BT BT.

Indonesia’s northernmost region is Pulau Weh in Aceh in the 6o LU. Indonesia is the most southern area of ??the island of Roti in East Nusa Tenggara who was at 11o latitude. Indonesia’s westernmost region is at the northern tip of island which is located at 95o East. As Indonesia’s easternmost territory in the city of Merauke is located at 141o East.

A. Latitude

Latitude is an imaginary line on a map or globe parallel to the equator. Equator divides the earth into two hemispheres of the northern and southern hemispheres. Equator equator or a line or lines are lines of latitude 0o. Used to divide the latitude climate regions on earth called solar climate.

Based on the location latitude, Indonesia was among the LU 6o – 11o latitude. This led Indonesia tropical climate characterized by:

a. have high rainfall,
b. has a large tropical rain forest and has a high economic value,
c. receive sunshine throughout the year,
d. much evaporation occurs so the humidity is high.

2. Longitude

Longitude is an imaginary line on a map or globe that connects north and south poles of the earth. Earth is divided into 180 ° east longitude (BT) and 180 ° west longitude (BB).

0o longitude calculation starts from the town of Greenwich near London. Longitude are used to determine the time of an area.

Location of astronomy Indonesia which is located between 95o BT – BT 141o make Indonesia has three time zones, namely:

a. Area of ??Western Indonesia Time (GMT), covering the whole of Sumatra, , , West , Central , and the small islands around it. Indonesia Time West had a gap of 7 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
b. Area of ??the Central Indonesia Time (WIB), including Bali, Nusa Landmarks, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Sulawesi Island, and surrounding small islands. Central Indonesia Time has a gap of 8 hours ahead of GMT.
c. Area of ??Eastern Indonesia Time (CDT), including Maluku Islands, Papua, and the small islands around it.
The eastern part of Indonesia has a gap of 9 hours ahead of GMT.

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