A Place Where Sports Meets Entertainment

There is a new form of having the golf experience that includes playing golf while enjoying your favorite beer and food. Golf companies have come up with a new sport that takes place in a sports bar venue. The venue has a driving range where people can play golf among other games. The site also provides food and good music that mellows the tension that comes with playing sports. Besides, the venues are equipped with television sets that are usually showing various sports all year round. There are several venues in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The best part about the games is that people of all ages and all skill levels can participate.


This business is a brainchild of a company that desires to develop an unforgettable customer experience while incorporating technology. The game usually takes place in a range. The range is as high as a three-story building. It is divided in several bays where eight people can sit comfortably. This makes it suitable for a group of friends or a family outing. Six people can play at a time. When playing the game, players are provided with micro-chipped balls that score themselves and in turn provide feedback on the accuracy and distance of each shot. There are usually 11 targets that players aim at across the 215-yard field. If the player hits the shot closer to the pin and further out in the area, then they earn more points. To ensure safety, those who are not playing are directed to be seated. However, there are safety nets around the range to catch someone in case they fall off.


Most of the venues, like Topgolf, will charge you per hour or per game. However, you will need to have a membership card that will give you access to the range. The membership goes for $5 that you’ll pay once. This allows you to have free club rentals every time you visit the range. If you want to reserve your bay and play when you want to, you can do that online. The reservations can be made online seven days in advance or at least one hour before you go to the venue of your choice. The reservation fee is from free to $50 depending on the day and time. The reservation will allow you to skip the line once you reach the venue. If your group is larger than eight, you can book either the party or the multiple bay options.


You can also use the venue to hold a party or any event. At these venues you can pick the type of game you will be having from company events to tournaments and fundraisers. You can also choose the spaces you wish to occupy. At the venue, you will enjoy top class catering from the in-house chef. The menu will vary depending on what the event is. Try out one of the venues at your next outing.

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