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Bring Your Own Clubs to the Course

The big trip is coming up and you are in luck, you are staying right on the golf course. It’s perfect! You will be playing the back nine while everyone else is sleeping. Then you realize, rental clubs. Trying to maneuver the big old golf bag through the airport, into the taxi and to the hotel is a nightmare. The golf vacation now has become work.

Don’t fret. There are ways to ship your golf clubs in a cost effective and safe manner. They will arrive directly to you at your destination. No trying to handle the luggage and the kids and the golf bag. Problem is solved. Send them ahead and have them waiting at your destination ready to go.

It’s simple. The last thing you want is damaged clubs when you arrive. Those clubs are your source of happiness and joy, you want to protect them. Below is a guide on how to ship golf clubs.

Pack them like you would if you were going to lug them on the plane with you. First, you will need to wrap the clubs in bubble wrap and secure them with tape. Make sure the heads of the clubs are secure in the bubble wrap and there isn’t any clanking around going on. You don’t want them touching each other. Next, take those clubs and place them in a polythene bag which will protect them from dust and moisture. All is left is placing the clubs in a hard or soft carrying case. It’s that simple.

Next, call a shipping service and have them provide you a quote to ship your clubs from your house to your final golf destination. The shipping company will send you a shipping label to print at home and you simply need to attach the label to your packed clubs and you are done. You will be playing on vacation with your own clubs. Perfect.

You can sit and relax, and rest assured as you know exactly when someone will arrive at your home to pick up your packed golf clubs. The shipping services will come to your house and or golf club and pick up your golf clubs and ship them to any golf course or hotel in the world. It’s easy, reliable and convenient. The company you select should have a tracking system for your clubs to guarantee you will be teeing off with your own sticks on your vacation.

Make sure your shipping company has a on-time guarantee. Research the company and see what others say. Most golf courses have a partnership with a shipping company and can tell you a reliable and secure shipping company for your clubs. You want to make sure you use a company that provides a personal touch. A point of contact to oversee that your clubs leave your house and arrive at the clubhouse waiting for you. When you are teeing off at the first hole you will be happy to have your own set of clubs with you!

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The Best Wedding Is in The Heart

I don’t know about you, but I just think that weddings are one of the most beautiful things to ever take place on this earth. There is just something so beautiful about seeing two people who are in-love profess that love to each other in front of friends and family. I cried at my wedding, I cry at family and friends’ weddings, I even cry during TV weddings. While I think that all weddings are beautiful, even shotgun weddings or those at the courthouse, I personally love weddings at exotic locales the best. A few years ago, my cousin and her husband had their nuptials in Jamaica, and it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever seen. Not just because of the ceremonial decor itself, but the natural scenery is what added to the beauty.

While I personally didn’t get married at an exotic location, I did have a beach wedding that was very beautiful as well if I may say so myself. What I love about having particular locations to have a wedding ceremony is that the location adds to the decor of the ceremony. For instance, the ocean and skies gave my ceremony a spectacular backdrop that even the most expensive decor wouldn’t be able to duplicate. And when it comes to having a wedding at a place like Jamaica or any other exotic location, you not only get the backdrop of the scenery but also the vibe and culture of the island as well. If you are interested in an exotic location for your wedding, You can search something like destination wedding services to find an expert that can help you choose the right spot for your nuptials.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a girl who is all about the glitz and glamour and most definitely not materialistic. My love of exotic locations has nothing to do with the price tag but with the experience, vibe, and memories that money can’t buy. Not only did my cousin’s wedding provide the ultimate experience for them, but all of us who attended were able to share in that vibe as well as have those memories also. And since we all stayed after the wedding, we were able to sightsee and take pictures as well as spend time as a family while experiencing a place most of had never been to before.

In any event, it doesn’t necessarily matter where your wedding or who is in attendance as long as the love is there. There are many people who can become more caught up in the ceremony than the actual marriage which may be one of the many reasons why some marriages don’t last. I have seen people have million-dollar weddings that were split up within a year. On the other hand, my grandparents, who got married in my great grandparents’ back yard, were together from the age of 20 something up until their passing which was a week apart. So, when it’s all said and done, the best location for the nuptials is in the heart.

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Travel Guide on The 5 Best Cancun Beaches

Millions of tourists visit Cancun every year for its beautiful beaches. Cancun has several white sand beaches that are accessible by the public. The beaches in the north are calmer and has lesser activities while those on the Caribbean side have stronger currents

and more activities. The following is a list of the 5 best Cancun beaches.

  1. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a beautiful sandy beach that is lined with 4 stories high condos in Akumal, Cancun. Some parts of the beach are steep and rocky. Half Moon Bay has a healthy coral with plentiful of marine creatures like cuttlefish, eagle rays, mana ray, turtles, colorful fishes. It is recommended that you wear water shoes as there are a lot of sea urchins. All the marked turtle nests are open for visit. The eggs will hatch in between May to August. The water remains shallow until the edge of the reef. Thick barrier of seagrass grow in some parts along the seashore. There are paid bathrooms nearby.

  1. Punta Bete Beach

Punta Bete beach is a 7 km long rocky beach lined with thatched roof resorts, and coconut trees in Cancun. It is also surrounded by a thick jungle in the backdrop. Punta Bete beach is less known as it is located in a remote area. You can pitch your own tent on the seashore. You can rent a beach chair and enjoy some seafood which you can buy from the beach side restaurant. You should wear water shoes as there are lots of rocks in the water. Get more details at Cancun beaches at beachspot.

  1. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is free for the public to access unlike many other private beaches in Cancun that only allow resorts guests to access. If you want to enjoy some privacy, you can visit the part of the beach in the Playacar area. You can participate in various excursions including skiing, snorkeling, arasailing and etc. You can rent the beach equipment at the rental shop on 5th Avenue. From Playa del Carmen, you can board on a ferry to Cozumel to carry out snorkeling activities. You can hire a vespa to snorkel at different spots in the island.

  1. Tulum Ruins Beach

Tulum Ruins Beach is a breathtaking beach situated in the Tulum Ruins in Tulum National Park. At the entrance, you will see Mayan ruins. There are lots of iguanas that wander around here. You can climb up the cliff beside the coastline and view the ocean scenery. There is a wooden staircase on the cliff that you can climb down to the beach. Tulum Ruins Beach has soft white sand with beautiful turquoise water. There is no changing room so you should come prepared wearing a swimsuit under your clothes. There is a restroom near the Tulum National Park where you can change your clothes.

  1. Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a sandy beach adjoined to a fishing village in between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. There are ferry services that fetch snorkelers to the reef in a short distance. You can buy fresh ceviche from the beachside vendors. There are musicians  wandering around and playing music on the beach. Many tourists like to hang around the Ojo de Agua Beach Club. The beach club offers rental of umbrella and chairs. Tourists can rent the nearby condos and beach houses during their visits.

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A Place Where Sports Meets Entertainment

There is a new form of having the golf experience that includes playing golf while enjoying your favorite beer and food. Golf companies have come up with a new sport that takes place in a sports bar venue. The venue has a driving range where people can play golf among other games. The site also provides food and good music that mellows the tension that comes with playing sports. Besides, the venues are equipped with television sets that are usually showing various sports all year round. There are several venues in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The best part about the games is that people of all ages and all skill levels can participate.


This business is a brainchild of a company that desires to develop an unforgettable customer experience while incorporating technology. The game usually takes place in a range. The range is as high as a three-story building. It is divided in several bays where eight people can sit comfortably. This makes it suitable for a group of friends or a family outing. Six people can play at a time. When playing the game, players are provided with micro-chipped balls that score themselves and in turn provide feedback on the accuracy and distance of each shot. There are usually 11 targets that players aim at across the 215-yard field. If the player hits the shot closer to the pin and further out in the area, then they earn more points. To ensure safety, those who are not playing are directed to be seated. However, there are safety nets around the range to catch someone in case they fall off.


Most of the venues, like Topgolf, will charge you per hour or per game. However, you will need to have a membership card that will give you access to the range. The membership goes for $5 that you’ll pay once. This allows you to have free club rentals every time you visit the range. If you want to reserve your bay and play when you want to, you can do that online. The reservations can be made online seven days in advance or at least one hour before you go to the venue of your choice. The reservation fee is from free to $50 depending on the day and time. The reservation will allow you to skip the line once you reach the venue. If your group is larger than eight, you can book either the party or the multiple bay options.


You can also use the venue to hold a party or any event. At these venues you can pick the type of game you will be having from company events to tournaments and fundraisers. You can also choose the spaces you wish to occupy. At the venue, you will enjoy top class catering from the in-house chef. The menu will vary depending on what the event is. Try out one of the venues at your next outing.

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Looking On The Bright Side of Parties

Celebrating Stag Weekend

Stag parties are an essential piece of culture and history ever since the emergence of Roman Civilization. A stag party is not really different from Australia’s bucks’party and USA’s bachelor party. The term stag is often associated with manliness. This entire correlation was based on the common knowledge that stags are quite very capable of wooing their female counterparts.

This tradition is observed even until now and will more likely be observed for another few years. Actually, stag parties have reinvented itself to be more elaborate, charming, wild, and extravagant. In the past, stag nights are prior to the exact wedding which is more appropriate for its term. Now, these stag parties are celebrated weeks or days before the actual wedding date. This is due to the fact that brides are more reluctant to have their future husbands go into the wedding ceremony still half intoxicated with alcohol.

The tradition is more or less similar throughout different countries. Generally, the day starts with a casual get together coupled with light but fun activities. The activities is more likely to be dependent on the region or place. But the general notion is that the groom can get to do unusual things that are not experienced by a married man. One good example is getting the groom to dance onstage with sexy girls. The same thing all over the world is to have unlimited drinks!

The same thing all over the world is to have unlimited drinks!

To make the stag party more special, it may be a good option for your friends to have it out of town! This will definitely open up new fun-filled activities for you so be sure to hook up with an events coordinator.

There are a whole lot of other options fit for your daytime activities but just make sure that it suits the groom and the whole team of guys as well. Some examples include paintball, bowling, table tennis, obstacle courses, mind museums, mountain climbing, biking, parasailing, and kayaking. Keep in mind that you can limit it to daytime activities especially if the groom is uncomfortable of having perky and kinky nightouts. You can choose to go to five-star restaurants and enjoy the food while listening to relaxing music. It really depends on the whole gang’s preferences and especially the groom.

In essence, stag parties are a good way to have some fun and to relax the soul and mind from all the tedious work and wedding preparations so that during the big day everything will go on smoothly. The whole point of the stag party is to have a chance to have fun because when the groom ties the knot there are less chances of having fun.…

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Learning The “Secrets” of Hotels

A Guide To Help You Get The Best Deals In Hotels

Do you know how much you will be spending for an average hotel room when you will be on a vacation. The answer for some people would be around 500 dollars. That is the average amount of a hotel room for the whole vacation based on their experience. The budget for a hotel room would depend on where you will be going and how long you plan to stay there but that is actually a really reasonable price so try to check it out!

But it does not matter how you will look at it, you are still going to spend a lot of money and there might be cases where things might go wrong. But always remember that you must avoid spending too much. You can try to save as much as 100 dollars on a hotel room for the whole duration of your stay.

But that is not the main issue. The number one priority is to get the best deal for the place that you are interested in. If you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel room for your next vacation, then you must look for a hotel room that you are really interested in. And this website will let you know more info. about that, view here for more. You will be able to read here how you can find the best deals for the hotel that will provide you satisfaction during the whole duration of your stay.

The wrong things that a lot of people actually do.

People would most of the time look at the star rating of a hotel to try and check its quality. Even if star ratings are good indicator for quality, it is actually not the only factor.

The main concern with that is that organizations are the ones who assign the star ratings so it actually does not reflect the opinion of other people.

A solution that is simple but effective at the same time.

One of the best things for you to do is to read more about the reviews done by other people on a certain hotel. Most of the websites that will do some price comparison will usually publish the star rating of the hotel together with some of the reviews of previous clients and customers.

How this guide will help you save on your budget

Probably one of the things that you will notice if click here is that the lower rated hotels would always be more affordable as compared to those hotels with higher star ratings. And if you will just pay more attention to the reviews then you will probably see that the hotels that were give low star ratings would actually still provide the same quality of service as those hotels who received a higher star rating. The best part is that those lower rated hotels are more affordable.…

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Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Tours? This May Help

Travel Advice

It might be harder to travel than people might assume. However, you will not fail to note a few people that will always find a way of making a tough trip to seem less complex. This is because more than oftentimes these people have chosen to come up with a near-perfect itinerary. Some of the aspects taken into account will include the following.

It is necessary that you remain as realistic as possible. You will certainly want to get the most out of any trip that you make. This can only be noted if you are still strong at the end of the day. Designing every single detail that you have to do during this trip to one very beautiful blend is quite hard. You will make the whole process to be fairly easier by creating a list of what you purpose to do during the trip. The activities on this list will have to be arranged according to priority. You can get more info on how much time to allocate to each activity from the various guidebooks available. You can also learn pretty much from the online reviews by a number of travelers that are available. As such, it will be necessary to learn of any events that might take place during your visit to that particular locality. You will have to learn how to prevent your trip from coinciding with a public holiday. This is due to the fact that transport will be made almost impossible.

Never allow yourself to falter on anything right from the initial stages. Always learn how to schedule your time. Always aim at being at the right place at the most appropriate time. In case there are other activities that you have to undertake before you begin your trip, you will need to do it quite early. Booking of your flight will also need to be done quite early. Sometimes, you might just have to be prepared for any connection in case it comes about. This is what may lead to any flight delays. You will need to learn how to avoid such connections. You might lose your property or peace of mind during the process.

You will realize that there are sites that will allow you to learn how to make a trip successful. With these online websites or apps, you will be able to get relevant help from tech-savvy travelers. They will help you to circumvent the challenging parts of the trip. Always remember to schedule a free day for yourself when making your plans. This is a day where you will have much relaxation. It is always necessary that you leave some room for flexibility. Whatever you have written down needs to guide you, not tie you down.…