Bring Your Own Clubs to the Course

The big trip is coming up and you are in luck, you are staying right on the golf course. It’s perfect! You will be playing the back nine while everyone else is sleeping. Then you realize, rental clubs. Trying to maneuver the big old golf bag through the airport, into the taxi and to the hotel is a nightmare. The golf vacation now has become work.

Don’t fret. There are ways to ship your golf clubs in a cost effective and safe manner. They will arrive directly to you at your destination. No trying to handle the luggage and the kids and the golf bag. Problem is solved. Send them ahead and have them waiting at your destination ready to go.

It’s simple. The last thing you want is damaged clubs when you arrive. Those clubs are your source of happiness and joy, you want to protect them. Below is a guide on how to ship golf clubs.

Pack them like you would if you were going to lug them on the plane with you. First, you will need to wrap the clubs in bubble wrap and secure them with tape. Make sure the heads of the clubs are secure in the bubble wrap and there isn’t any clanking around going on. You don’t want them touching each other. Next, take those clubs and place them in a polythene bag which will protect them from dust and moisture. All is left is placing the clubs in a hard or soft carrying case. It’s that simple.

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Next, call a shipping service and have them provide you a quote to ship your clubs from your house to your final golf destination. The shipping company will send you a shipping label to print at home and you simply need to attach the label to your packed clubs and you are done. You will be playing on vacation with your own clubs. Perfect.

You can sit and relax, and rest assured as you know exactly when someone will arrive at your home to pick up your packed golf clubs. The shipping services will come to your house and or golf club and pick up your golf clubs and ship them to any golf course or hotel in the world. It’s easy, reliable and convenient. The company you select should have a tracking system for your clubs to guarantee you will be teeing off with your own sticks on your vacation.

Make sure your shipping company has a on-time guarantee. Research the company and see what others say. Most golf courses have a partnership with a shipping company and can tell you a reliable and secure shipping company for your clubs. You want to make sure you use a company that provides a personal touch. A point of contact to oversee that your clubs leave your house and arrive at the clubhouse waiting for you. When you are teeing off at the first hole you will be happy to have your own set of clubs with you!